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Freecams korean ChibiWheezy Battle.netElyse Willems is a member of Funhaus. She is Canadian and is married to James Willems who is also a Funhaus member. Theymet each other through online chatrooms in the early 2000s and later reconnected through Facebook. She can be found in Funhaus content and on James YouTube and stream channels. She and James have a dog together named Benson.ContentsshowPreRooster TeethElyse was previously on the YouTube channel Game Trailers segment Mandatory Update. The first episode of the segment was in Febuary 2014. Elyse was present for 79 proper episodes until her departure in November 2015.TriviaElyse mentions having one eyebrow higher up than her other and has said she appreciates when fan art includes the unique characteristic.Elyse met James in an online chatroom before they had a long distance relationship for four years.Elyse is a huge